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Taurus Global DMCC.

Taurus Global DMCC engages in trading, import, export, marketing and distribution of a diversified range of consumer products and commodities, with its head office located in UAE and operational capabilities in MENA region.

We are a trading company provide optimized commercial solutions  for brands, manufacturers, retailers and traders in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean regions. We aim to go beyond the act of buying and selling by creating value at every level of the supply chain.

With our diverse experience, we provide services and consultancy in trading, marketing, retail and distribution.

Wide Range.

We serve and sell products from a multitude of categories that allow you to conduct your business without the complexities and risks of searching for the right supplier or the seller every time.

Strong Brands.

Our versatile brand portfolio provides the high quality and best value in every category and are relevant to the needs of the consumers in the contemporary marketplace.

Versatile Services.

We provide multi-channel distribution and brand development services for brands and manufacturers in retail and wholesale and B2B channels. We conduct planning, sourcing, manufacturing, financing, logistics, sales and distribution services, as well as market analysis, market penetration strategies, advisory and consulting services for our partner brands in their quest into new and existing markets

Powerful Partners.

We are empowered by our strong partnerships with the best in class companies in manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution. We work with specialised and reliable manufacturers and operational partners in every field to drive the most efficient results for the customers we serve.

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