Taurus Global is covering a niche and unique market segment of the industry which bigger multinational players typically find difficult to service, without the relationship we have with our customers. The rapport that we share with our customers and suppliers gives the competitive edge, this translates into efficient trades.

On the commodities side of our business, we mainly trade in agricultural products, however, we are are not limited to it. Additionally, minerals, specialty chemicals and raw materials used in pharma constitute our commodities portfolio, and we explore the opportunities to add on other commodities depending on market demand.

In addition, the we offer import and export brokerage services that include procurement, contracting and consulting. We also have commodity financing capabilities. With close cooperation with many private financial investors and our team’s technical knowledge of the industry, the company is capable of handling commodity financing.

While our focus is still in penetrating deeper into the present market, we are also pursuing new markets in the African and European regions.